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Real Canna Seeds has established it's high-care indoor grow space in Denmark.
In addition, we plan to expand with a 2,500 square meter facility in Portugal.


We expects 90% of the Portugal facility to be usable for growing operations contingent on capital expenditure budgets for equipment and refurbishment.




Our Rooms


High Care Farming


At Real Canna Seeds we have selected an indoor growth facility approach to assure that plants are isolated from environmental conditions and the perils of mother nature.

We considers the indoor approach superior even to greenhouse facilities.

Our indoor, high-care facility provides complete control of each aspect of the growing process. This benefit directly impacts the quality and quantity of the company's key offerings.

Even under a rigorous "one harvest per week" schedule, automated systems control the planting-to-extraction process.

Our high-care growing unit, which uses LED lighting has been designed to yield high-quality consistent outputs which do not require further purification before use in the pharmaceutical industry.

Construction and
Security Standards

Existing construction (as well as future expansion) is carried out according to standards to fulfill the GACP/GMP requirements.
Walls and ceiling in the facility will be smooth, free from cracks, open joints, and not able to shed particulate matter.


We have 24/7 survillance cameras and direct link to the security company. We meet all requirement from the authorities regarding security surveillance for production of medical cannabis.




Our organic knowledge and experience are complimented by the latest farming technologies developed by market leaders in the Cannabis Industry and proprietary systems explicitly built for cannabis seed production.


The facility allows various plants to be grown simultaneously with specialized lighting designed to deliver high output with less heat than traditional illumination solutions.


Process Automation

Process automation, combined with our specialized knowledge of cultivation, allows our team to harvest at precisely the right time for maximum yield.

Our systems speed the movement of plants from cultivation to the harvest of seeds.

Once harvested, all seeds undergo a strict sorting process to ensure only those of the highest quality will be sold to customers.

After the selection process is completed, disposal procedures are in place to ensure the controlled removal of waste materials in compliance with applicable regulations.


365 days of Growth

The RCS installation provides finely tuned lighting in the perfect light spectrum to grow efficiently 365 days per year.

After expansion, robotics and automation speed transitional movement and replace cost-intensive labor for repetitive processes within the facility.

A specially designed management system is used to monitor critical production points and ensure a high level of control over the environment, process, and product consistency.

Our Rooms

Our flowering rooms have been established with approximately 400 Square meter.


Following GMP approval we will maintain separate grow rooms per strain to avoid cross-contamination between strains. 

As our facility is dedicated to cannabis production, and the equipment is not used in any other context, the risk of cross-contamination with foreign plants or organic pollutants is reduced.

In addition, further anti- contamination and isolation methods (dedicated equipment and certified cleaning protocols) are in place to avoid cross-contamination or cross-pollination between cannabis strains.

Production and

Our production and facility has been custom designed specifically for the production of Cannabis plants. 

All aspects of variables have been considered in the planning and building of our facility, so we can guarantee a very high level of quality and expertise.

We are current on new developments within the business of gardening and specifically cannabis, and will always try to implement improvements to our exsisting model, whenever new studies shows there is a benefit. 

High Care Farming

When it comes to cannabis production and High Care Farming the equipments in our facilities are not being used in any other context, therefore the risk of cross-contamination with foreign plants or organic pollutants is reduced.

In addition, further anti- contamination and isolation methods (dedicated equipment and certified cleaning protocols) are in place to avoid cross-contamination or cross-pollination between cannabis strains.

All equipment is selected in accordance with purpose and requirements, as stated in the relevant European Union guidelines and the requirements of the Danish authorities.

Standard operating procedures and working instructions are in place for the equipment's use, maintenance, and cleaning.

Where possible, all equipment is manufactured in stainless steel or equivalent to meet the applicable level of hygiene and allow for
easy cleaning.

Growing Area

Rooted plants require additional space to grow and specific environmental controls to regulate temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide concentration, nutrient supply, and photoperiod.

Plants in the growing area also require a more extended lighting period, which RCS provides via carefully monitored automated systems. Where containerized syste
ms are used for growing the plants, inert substrates such as coir and rockwool will be used as they offer the ideal conditions for rooting and fast growth.


The growing area is made, so the perseonal has less contact with plants in order to reduce the chance  of contamination.

Flowering Area

Using separate flowering areas provides the optimum spacing, environmental control, and lighting parameters to maximize the production of flowering material and active ingredients.

Close circuits and other remote monitoring methods limit unnecessary pedestrian traffic in these areas and eliminate potential sources of contamination. All cells are equipped with a custom- designed HVAC system (with a separate HWAC unit for breeding) to ensure safe and stable genetics.

Independent systems also facilitate our tracking of the genetic lineage of every seed from start to finish. Accordingly, seeds and plants with desired attributes can be selected to produce strains with optimal medicinal effects.


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