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About Us

We strive to be a leading company 
in the Medical Cannabis Sector.

All our decisions are based on our main goal, which is to provide products and services of the highest quality.
We will use the highest standards possible to grow exceptional products and we intend to position ourselves to take advantage of the expanding medical market.


Our Company



Meet the Team

Our Company

Our dedicated team of expert growers and researchers will continuously develop proprietary strains of cannabis to suit specific needs of the medical cannabis market.


We will utilize nano technology, genome studies, and other advanced technologies to produce unique cannabis products. Our growers and researchers are developing the world’s most complete and complex cannabis strains. They have spent years honing their skills and knowledge while working throughout an array of cannabis ventures for numerous companies both internationally and nationally here in Denmark.

Our seed segment expects to focus primarily on producing cannabis seeds for wholesale distribution to medical caretakers and commercial medical growers as well as pharmaceutical companies.


We also plan to offer customers Bespoke Growth Services based on our unique collection of strains or to customer specification.


Cannabis use both medically and culturally has

had a long and well-documented history.

Cannabis has been used medicinally in many different cultures, and upon exposure to western medicine in the 19th century, it quickly gained popularity.

The medical properties of this plant combined with an understanding of the effective methods of consumption help make cannabis the powerful medication it is today.

Much can be learned from historical record, but what is most salient is that the use of cannabis to treat clinical symptoms is not new.

The challenge is education and policy changes to incorporate the nature of cannabis’ atypical consumption requirements into modern clinical methodology.

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Medical cannabis is often still stigmatized due to its association with recreational use. It is vital to decrease stigma to gain further acceptance by the medical establishment so that its benefits can be fully realized. Prescriptions are increasingly adding credibility and respectability to medical cannabis.

The more prescriptions are written, the more people are likely to view cannabis as a medicine rather than associate it with a recreational drug. The example of the Netherlands shows that pharmacies and other official providers are essential to reducing stigma, both for prescribers and patients alike. Rather than consuming a black-market product, in this way, patients can be provided with a fully regulated medical product, without the negative connotations of recreational cannabis.

The variety of approaches to medical cannabis regulation and their resulting patient access outcomes highlight the benefits as well as shortcomings of different regulatory regimes. Globally, countries take different approaches, reflecting various historical and cultural factors. While it is yet too early to conclude on the “optimal approach” that should be adopted by all, valuable lessons can be learned for the UK. Despite differences in their regulatory approaches to medical cannabis, all countries agree on the need for continued education for physicians and other HCPs.

Furthermore, it is important to streamline policy-making and improve communications between policy makers, physicians, and patients. Collaborations between these stakeholders need to be strengthened so that international networks to effectively evaluate and regulate medical cannabis can be build.

Meet the Team

Commitment, transparency and innovation. These three values have stood at the center of the Real Canna Seeds mission since our founding in 2017.


We wholeheartedly commit to the work we do with passion and dedication, transparently sharing it with the Medical Cannabis community and inviting others to take part.

On top of this, we challenge ourselves to think creatively, applying an innovative approach to all that we do. This mission drives the continued success of Real Canna Seeds. 

We believe the key strengths for Real Canna Seeds are strong management team with extensive experience in medical cannabis and seed cultivation. 

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Paal Nordvi

Paal Nordvi is a Norwegian entrepreneur who started his career by importing American-made products to Norway. One product he represented was Barbasol Shaving Cream. Pioneer/first mover in mobile location technology in Scandinavia through the company started in collaboration with TV2 in 2004.

Paal worked at American Express Corporate in Stockholm from 2018 until he left to run his own Company called Stream TV in 2019. Paal is an accomplished actor and has several films and commercials under his belt.

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Leo Jensen

Leo Jensen is in charge of coordinating sales throughout Europe with a special focus on Cannabis Social Clubs in Spain.  Leo has worked in this field for a decade and has long experience in every aspect of the business.

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Anders Raft

Anders Raft is a Multi-skilled manager with a competitive focus, high-quality ambition, and proven success in B2B and online B2C environments. Solid experience in marketing, e-commerce, and project management.


Significant management experience in start-ups and SMEs and strong capabilities in communication-related activities for all primary stakeholders. Flair for identifying and implementing simple solutions to complex problems with a hands-on, lead-by example style, which fosters a culture of teamwork, shared mission and a dedication to excellence.

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Firas Alturk

Firas Alturk has been providing RCS with consultancy in regard to the medical Danish cannabis industry and country- specific cannabis regulations, he is specialist in the Danish cannabis regulation and overall compliance. Firas is a licensed pharmacist with extended experience in pharmaceutical production.

In 2017 served as a Researcher in Nanomedicine Studies at the University of Copenhagen. Firas’ broad knowledge of nanomedicine project design, GMP quality requirements, and SOP writing make him a valued addition to our growing team of industry professionals.

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